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About Kilcooley Community Forum

Kilcooley Community Forum is situated at the heart of Kilcooley in Bangor, County Down which is the third largest housing estate in the Northern Ireland. The Forum is made up of representatives from all the constituted groups active within the community.

There are a number of associations, services, projects, and ongoing programmes running in Kilcooley which are open to residents of all ages and abilities.

Community Involvement/Participation

Each group below, plus other newer groups, carry out various projects and programmes throughout the year and are always looking for volunteers / participants. The well-being of the community depends upon the support and effort of the residents. As a resident you can participate and gain much by contributing your skills, time and commitment, while at the same time, making the community a better place to live and enjoy. If you wish to get involved with any of the activities you simply need to contact the relevant group.

The Square Centre

Based at 6 Kilcooley Square, this is a -in cafe where meals are served at nominal fees. 'New 2 U' clothing and other items can also be purchased. A person-centred counselling service is also available, as is a community befriending scheme.

The Square Centre is run by the Kilcooley Presbyterian Church as part of its Board of Social Witness Outreach.

Contact: Mrs Diane McIlwrath Tel: 028 91453804

Tenant Support Project

Established in 2004 this Supporting People initiative of the Kilcooley Community Forum aims to encourage both new and existing tenants to maintain their tenancy by providing support and assistance which, in turn, allows them to socially integrate and become actively involved within the community. The TSP also provides mental-health support for those in the community living with mental illness.

Contact: Heather Doherty (Senior Support Worker) 028 91470666 or:

St Columba's Church of Ireland

A satellite of Bangor Abbey the church is attended by people from within and outside the community. It is actively involved in community life and has representatives participating in many groups and programmes in the area.


Bangor Alternatives

A community-led, government accredited restorative justice project, Bangor Alternatives works to redirect young people away from low level crime and address anti-social behaviour. The project also provides support to victims, and a forum which allows them to express hurt and concerns. It continues to develop new preventative measures to involve young people in active citizenship roles. Bangor Alternatives also works in a cross community capacity with groups from West Belfast and is part of the wider Northern Ireland Alternatives family. Currently Bangor Alternatives works extensively with young people aged 16-24 not in education, employment or training.

Contact: Jim Martin or Jim Rea Tel: 028 91857812

Kilcooley Primary School

Over the years Kilcooley Primary School has not only been a place of learning excellence for local children but has also developed a community-orientated vision whereby it provides a number of facilities ranging from a Nursery School to classroom provision for the Kilcooley Women's Centre and First Friends' Playgroup.

Contact: Headteacher Pauline Brown Tel: 028 91270140

Kilcooley Presbyterian Church

Situated on Drumhirk Drive the Church offers a programme of religious services but also has a wider community remit. There are a number of activities at the Church such as the BB, GB, Luncheon Club, Indoor Bowling as well as other programmes.

The Minister is Rev. Gary Aitcheson Tel: 028 91460250

Kilcooley Over 50's Club

The Over 50's Club is currently the largest group in the area. It is very active in organising projects and social events for its members. They have an extensive social calendar and event programme surpassed by none and presently has a waiting list to join the group.

Contact: Jean Leckey

Kilcooley Community Centre

Provided by North Down Borough Council the Centre on Owenroe Drive is a focal-point in the community and is widely used for various events such as a facility for those wishing to train and/or keep fit, an Over 50s Club, plus numerous youth activities. The Centre can be booked for private and public functions by contacting Bangor Town Hall.

For booking contact: 028 91270371 Community Development Officer Stephen Archibald (02891478987)

Dufferin Pikers

Dufferin Pikers is the local fishing group which holds meetings every fortnight during winter months and plans fishing trips during the fishing season. This group works with people of all ages seeking to promote the sportsmanship of fishing.

You can contact Donald McClenaghan or Joanie Brown at the Forum office on 028 91479424 or by e-mailing us at

Citizens' Advice Surgery

The North Down Citizen's Advice Bureau provides a twice weekly surgery at the Forum office.

Monday 10am - 12.30pm
Carol Nicholas can be contacted on: 028 91470817

Kilcooley Community Action Group

Established in 2006 the Kilcooley Community Action Group works to improve the quality of life for residents by providing numerous community activities particularly relating to young people. KCAG strongly supports Kilcooley Sports Forum in the development of a new 3G sports pitch and related facilities for the community. KCAG also promotes cross community activities and intra-community networking.

Kilcooley Sports Forum

Kilcooley Sports Forum has been set up to help bring sporting opportunities and facilities to the Kilcooley community. It aims to see a new all-weather 3G football pitch and changing room centred at the heart of the estate and is working closely with various agencies on this project.